Built Your Business in Bali

Built Your Business in Bali

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  • March 30, 2022
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Travelers miss their Holiday, their trip and miss everything about Vacation. We have assured that the most visited place around the wolrd  is Bali. With its humid tropical climate, not only because of the weather, the culture and lifestyle but also to Build their own business in bali.

During this pandemic, people have to stay at home, some of them are able to work from home but it is boring. They start to think about taking a holiday and their brains start to think of some ideas about building their own business. And Bali is the perfect place to start it up.

As we have known Bali is the most popular island in Indonesia with a variety of nationalities from around the world. A lot of them from beginners and also the professional enterprenuers start their business in Bali, from Bali they have big chances to promote and brand their business. In Bali we can meet so many people from other countries directly to see what their business are and after that, they will start to promote their business by digital marketing. That is such an easy plan to promote and to introduce your business to the world. It means from Bali to the world.

Therefore foreign enterpreneurs will be able to have so many chances and ideas to build their business in Bali, either business in property, business in product manufacturing (exporter) or  trading company. Considering  tourism business is quite inspiring. Not only for the local but also the traveller who is staying in Bali from other countries around the world. Furthermore Indonesia is one of the countries that has the best growth potential for long term business in ASEAN.

Due to the dynamic environment with a relative low operational cost,Bali is a convenient place to start up your business. To estabilish the business in Bali enterpreneurs will also need legality permit and the great thing about starting a business in Bali is that you don’t need a significant amount of capital.

We call it PT.PMA (Penanam Modal Asing)

PT  (Perseroan Terbatas) is a form od business company which is formed according to and operates under the comercial laws in Indonesia.

PMA (Penanam Modal Asing) is a company in Indonesia which either has partial or complete ownership by foreigner.

Base on the Indonesian Law No.25/2007,PT.PMA is a business or company that is invested or owned by foreigner in Indonesia’s territory. This company could be either 100% foreign owned or shareholder foreign owned. To attract more foreign enterpreneur to invest and build their business in Indonesia, the government renewed the legal process to have simplify and aesily obtain the permit of PT. PMA.

Why should it be a PT PMA ?

Here is some Privilages of PT PMA

  1. it’s easy and simple to obtain the permit and license
    For every business in Indonesia should have a certain business and operational licenses. The great privileges that come from PT PMA is the practicality and time efficiency in acquiring the licenses and permit compared to other business structures

  2. Attention of legal protection from the government.
    The foreign company who have PT.PMA  will have a priority

  3. Lower import duties
    Normally a lot of foreign business need to import product or materials from overseas and it will cost a lot in import taxes, but if they run a PT PMA in Indonesia you would be able to have lower import duties which means you can save the cost of import taxes

  4. Sponsorhip for foreign employee
    foreign business are also allowed to sponsor as many foreign employees by the company, sometime they  need to hire foreign employees with some reason.  Of course the foreign employee must fulfill specific criterias to qualify for a foreign employment spnsorship

  5. Kitas Document
    The CEO or COO of the foreign business are able to have maximum 2 years kitas holder

 You have seen some infomation about PT. PMA and once you are interested to build a business in Bali, we are able to find the best solutions for you. Should you have need any assistance or consultation about your estabilishment of PT.PMA please feel free to contact us. PT.Projasa Cita Nusantara is the best consultant to do your legal permit in Indonesia. Visit us www.projasa.co.id

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