FAQs About Introducing Business on Instagram

FAQs About Introducing Business on Instagram

On this millennial times, Starting a business is also means starting to think about social media marketing strategies. There are many questions and confusions about what steps should be take to get start it. Here are some Frequently Asked Questions about introducing a business on Instagram.

  1. What should my first Instagram post be for my business?

Your first posts on Instagram should explain your business clearly. Take some time on feeds to introduce your business and the services you offer. Do not forget talk about the benefits your business provide. At this point, it is not just about selling, but how to break the ice with your audiences or your business Instagram account followers.

As your account is new and your followers will be coming at different interval, you should not just introduce your business for one post and then stop, you need to introduce into some posts to build a trust with your audiences or potential audiences.

By planning your posts, it can help you to decide what theme that you can used and fit to your business, use some apps that can help you manage your posts.

  1. Should I have certain number of photos or videos before I share my account?

You may get a lot of people will advise your business to put up nine posts before introducing your business profile and services. They tell you the reason, when someone is a new comer to your Instagram page and you have nine posts up, it will look more professional.

But, actually this is a good idea. Why??

First, nine images is too much. For some people, that’s more than a week of content if posted daily.

But most importantly, if you are just putting up images or videos for getting something on your account, you are wasting good time and good content.

New business come and go all the time, and people who visit your Instagram account are curious because you are a new business. When you make the first post, it should be intentional and have a strategy behind it. By throwing up nine posts, when people do come to see your account, they have no idea why your posts have no likes or engagement, and that is the bigger reason of dissapointment because having much content at the start!

  1. How do I introduce myself on my Instagram business page? Do I need to do it?

Do you need to introduce myself on your business Instagram account? You might feel weird to post yourself photos if you are running a business where you are not the face of the company. But however, your audiences and followers will appreciate who is behind your business time to time.

You might start from ‘About me!’

You can tell to your audiences about silly of yours to increase the interaction between you and your followers to make them feel comfort and waiting for every content that you will post. This simple introduction is a great way to say ‘hi’ to your followers.

Taking a good pictures of yourself, so you have no excuse to hide anymore.

  1. Shoul I revamp my business on Instagram?

After you have introduced your business account and established a following, you might decide to revamp it.

Here is a thing you can consider:

If you plan to completely change the focus of your business, then start it fresh. For example, if your followers are following you for fashion tips, and you decide to start a new business like culinary, your audiences will not translate over. In this case, better to delete everything.

However, if you just want to change your Instagram feeds theme to the new aesthetic one, then go for it!

When changing the Instagram theme, many people wonder if they should delete their previous posts to start the new fresh one. But it is a big no! Keep what you have! your previous posts contain valueable information about your business that might convience someone to purchase your products.

Do not forget, composing content for your new business account or rebuilding your old Instagram account requires various strategies to produce informative and unique content, so that your account will looks attractive and people will be interested to look for your business.

If you do not have any time to arrange by yourself, Here is Projasa Studio, we’re always ready to help you increase your business.

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