How to Choose A Good Place for Business in Bali, Foreign Companies Have To Know!

How to Choose A Good Place for Business in Bali, Foreign Companies Have To Know!

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  • March 30, 2022
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For people who are looking for a business location and planning to rent or buy a shop-house, hotel, villa or others, the question that is often asked is how to choose the ideal business location? Relax, don’t worry! It takes a lot of time to determine a strategic business location.

There are several key factors to consider when choosing a business location. Among them are choosing business places that have been built, business places with a high occupancy rate, and potential/congested business places. The right business location will certainly provide many advantages.

  1. Locations That Match Consumer Demographics
    The way to choose a good business location is to determine a good business location, in the sense that it is following consumer demographics as your business goal. When determining consumer demographics, three main factors need to be considered:
    a. Age
    b. Income level per district
    c. Gender
    Determining consumer demographics has an impact on marketing steps and determining a good business location.
  2. Business Location with Convenient Transportation
    One of the characteristics of a strategic business place is its easy-to-reach location. Of course, if the location is difficult to reach, consumers will be lazy to visit your business location. The way to determine a good business location is to consider all the ways consumers can reach your business location.
    Try to estimate the time and distance it will take to reach your business location from each target market location. This includes the distance and time it takes to walk, use public transport, or drive by private car. Make sure your business location has several easy ways to access it.
  3. A Commercial Place with an Ideal Area
    The next characteristic of a strategic business place is a sufficient area of ​​the place. The location of the company that is too small will make the shopping experience uncomfortable. At the same time, if your business place is too big, you are wasting money.
  4. Business Location Close To Competitors
    The fourth characteristic of a strategic business place is that it is located in an area where competitors are located. At first glance, this sounds dangerous. However, this method of choosing a good business location has been proven in the marketing field.
    For example, you don’t need to market or advertise your business location too much. Shoppers who visit a competitor’s store know that your business location is also close to the store and become potential customers.
  5. Business Location For Foreign Company (PT PMA) in Bali
    Foreign companies may only buy land or business buildings such as hotels, villas, and others in tourism areas (under the name of the company), other than that they can only rent. The location of the business must be adjusted to the local spatial layout, except if the company’s location is located within a Special Economic Zone (KEK).

Having a business located close to a supporting company is the main criterion for the characteristics of a strategic business location. Two companies that complement each other’s products or services are mutually beneficial. Since other companies support this business, the strategic location of this business can increase its revenue.

Deputy Director of Paramount Land M. Nawawi explained, interesting things happened in the new normal era, namely the changing commercial, commercial or business space no longer requires large scale because it adapts to current conditions. Now all business activities and activities can be completed online, the concept and scale are compact, but all business needs can be met. The real estate market, both residential and commercial, is still considered an area that can survive and support economic growth.

If you are looking for a place for business in Bali, Projasa can help you find the right place for business based on your type of business and the five factors above. Projasa is also able to help you work on various legal documents for your company and provide free consultations. So, don’t hesitate to ask questions by commenting below or contact us at

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