What you Need to Know about Building License

What you Need to Know about Building License

Whether you are ready to establish a business in Bali, you need to know about property market, license and permit required in Bali.

PBG stand for Persetujuan Bangunan Gedung that used to known as IMB which literally mean “Permit to Establish a Building” and it’s need an approval from Government to build a building. PBG is a building registration document and it will tell you the purpose of that Building. In preference to, how a building could be used in accordance with the suitable of law. PBG often used either for residential or commercial purposes.

Who’s responsible for PBG of a building.

Do not buy or lease a building that does not have a PBG or IMB or you will have problem. The PBG or IMB is responsibility by the land owner. Excepting a building that purposed to be commercial building, it’s should be fine to make the PBG undernamed of building owner or someone who’s rent that land. When you lease a building with PBG and would like to use for a different purpose that states on the PBG than the PBG need to change again accordance building purpose. 

Standard design of building in Bali.

Each province in Indonesia have various building standard each other. Bali have their own standard and whoever want to build a Building must be following government policy of building. It is stated government policy dedicated in legislation that buildings are to have elements of traditional Balinese design in them.

Documents may you need to register an PBG in Bali are:

  1. A Land Certificate
  2. Correct Land Zoning
  3. Building Drawing
  4. Signed Permission of Neighbor Properties Owner
  5. Service and Structural Drawings

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