Working aboard or establish a company in other country can be a little depress specifically when you have to filling up the tax paperwork and some administration.

Foreigner in Indonesia sometime get confused as to what preparations should be made when you are starting to work or establish a company in Indonesia.

Especially when it goes to taxation and system of payroll. Work and your business will be legal and up to taxing when a person or a company has a tax number or in Indonesia we call it NPWP (Nomor Pokok Wajib Pajak)

How Foreigner Able to get NPWP

According to Indonesian Tax Office (Direktorat Jenderal Pajak) each citizen obligate to have NPWP. It’s a personal identification which will mention an individual’s taxation rights and obligations.

This regulation also valid to foreigners who’s establish a company or work under company in Indonesia.Not only about tax identification, an NPWP also required for some activities such as opening a bank account, getting credit card in Indonesia, creating health insurance etc. Here is what you need to know before obtain an NPWP.

Who’s really need an NPWP?

If you come to Indonesia just for holiday absolutely you don’t need to get an NPWP. Foreigner who’s need to obtain an NPWP are foreigner who’s present in Indonesia more than 183 days within a year or have intention to live in Indonesia you have to obtain a NPWP which will see by certain activity like renting a house or villa for a long term or owning a house for extended period, applying a work permit and bring family to Indonesia.

Also if you work under a company or if you have a business and earn income in Indonesia, which more than the standard of the non-taxable income, you are required to obtain an NPWP.

What do you need to prepare?

There are some documents you need to prepare to obtain an NPWP. If you are an employee of a company in Indonesia, you need to prepare KITAS/KITAP and employment letter from currently company you’re working for.

But if you have own company or business in Indonesia you need to prepare KITAS/KITAP, Company Deed, and decree of ministry human rights.Way to register a NPWP.

You are able to do registration by yourself via online by visit www.ereg.pajak.go.id and then sign up.

Submit your email and they will send you a verification link to your email after that you are able to fill all the requirement needed. Or if you had problem might you can visit the Government Tax Office directly ask them to help you to register the NPWP.

The last option to get it is contact us at +6281 2553 2111 or visit our website at www.projasa.co.id we have very professional staff who will help you to solve your taxation problem.

Our company provide all your permit and license might need. With professional team which expert in each department. We believe with good communication and friendly staff will meet your expectation of service.

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